Which song will they pick?

Last time Jimmy Fallon had a presidential candidate on his late night TV show, his house band, the Roots, sparked outrage by performing Fishbone’s “Lyin’ A-- B----” for Republican White House hopeful Michele Bachmann. Tonight, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” airs from the University of North Carolina with another candidate scheduled to drop in: President Obama.

Back in 2009, we profiled Roots leader Questlove to find out how he and the band decide on the walk-on tunes they perform for each guest. But which song they’ll pick tonight is anyone’s guess. Will Roots frontman Black Thought tip his fedora to Obama’s crooning abilities with “Let’s Stay Together?” Will the band pick a tune from the president’s campaign mix on Spotify? The folks over at Vulture have some suggestions, too. But after the outrage over that Fishbone tune, our money’s on the safest of safe bets: “Hail to the Chief.”

“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” airs Tuesday night — technically Wednesday morning — at 12:35 a.m. on NBC.