Last Wednesday, when President Obama shared a beer with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, a battle broke out between White House press reporters and critics of the president when a photo was released of the two relaxing over beers.

(White House)

The Post’s David Nakamura wrote that some in the Twitter peanut gallery “offered more cynical comments about the event being a staged photo-op for Obama.”

Some press reporters, such as Jake Tapper, fought back against the naysayers writing, “Surely you can disagree with President on issues, if that’s how you feel, but still appreciate him recognizing uncommon valor by a Marine”

Once the hubbub died down, an aspect of the story started making waves of a different sort: the beer is a specialty White House brew.

On Monday, Meyer tweeted out an NPR story that explains the president and the soldier enjoyed “a pint of White House Honey Ale, the first beer made at the White House.”

It’s not the first time the beer has appeared at White House functions, but it’s gaining plenty of steam with beer aficionados.

In February, Greg Kitsock wrote in the Post about the White House speciality brew when it made its first appearance at a Super Bowl party.

White House historians said it may be the first time a beer has been brewed at the White House, although Thomas Jefferson was a huge beer aficionado, making his own at Monticello.

Though the White House has yet to give much information about the recipe of what they call the “White House Honey Ale,” Semonti M. Stephens, deputy communications director for first lady Michelle Obama, told the Post in February that more than a pound of honey goes into the brew. That’s another White House first: the honey hails from the first ever bee hive kept on the White House lawn.

To drink the beer, you’ll either have to win a medal of honor or be invited to a future Super Bowl party, as the White House has no plans to market the brew. A pity, Kitsock writes: “Can you imagine patriotic Americans responding in droves if they are asked to pay down the national debt one mug at a time?”