Okay, maybe not write like him. But I will talk like him. The oddly placed pauses. The rushed together words. The wry, disdainful sentiment.

The day sprang from the minds of two men who were complete strangers to each other, voiceover actor Maurice LaMarche and Ohio resident Doug VanHorn, Geekosystem reports. Each initially suspected the other of stealing the idea, but they have since joined forces to oversee the bestdayever. This year, WilliamShatner.com hosted a contest for the best impersonation of the man, myth, legend (sorry, guys, cutoff date was last night), but the winner will be announced later Tuesday. And, there’s always next year. So... Scotty.... getyour... pauses............going.

To help you practice:

Here’s the original:

Here are some impersonations to get you in the right spirit:

Here’s a lesson of one of Shatner’s most famous pronunciations: “Sabataage.”

Here's the original announcement of the day:

(Big thanks to Sara for not letting me miss this day!)