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Prime Minister David Cameron said there was something “sick” in British society. London jails were filled to capacity after riots swamped the city for three nights, photographed above. Violence broke out in other cities around the country and a report stated that Mark Duggan, the man whose death inspired the rioting, did not first shoot at the police before they killed him.

POLITICS: Wisconsin GOP holds on to four seats

In the closely watched recall elections on Tuesday, Republicans held on to four seats out of the six contested legislative seats, maintaining a majority in the state Senate.

WORLD: North, South Korea exchange fire

Another exchange of fire rocked the watery border between North and South Korea on Wednesday. The area has seen increasing tension, following the 2010 torpedoing of a South Korean warship and shelling of a Yeonpyeong island.

POLITICS: Married, Gay Immigrant expelled from U.S.

An Australian man has been denied immigration benefits by the Obama administration, despite having been married for seven years to his partner of 19 years, an American man with severe health problems. Anthony John Makk will have to leave the U.S. despite marrying Bradford Wells in Massachusetts. The Obama administration said it could not intervene because of the Defense of Marriage Act, that denies federal benefits to same-sex couples.