(Toby Meliville/Reuters)

WORLD: Police descend on London streets to quell riots

Clean-up crews hit the streets of London after three nights of rioting left one dead. Pictured above, a boy looks at a burned out vehicle in Ealing in West London. Prime Minister David Cameron ordered 10,000 more police on the streets to stop the unrest.

POLITICS: Wisconsin recall election begins

Republican governor Scott Walker’s “tough-love budgeting style” will be judged by Wisconsin voters Tuesday when people head to the polls for the six recall elections for state senators, The Fix blog writes.

BUSINESS: Global markets continue to fall

Despite world leaders pledging to right financial ships around the world, markets continued to fall. A Tumblr blog puts a picture stream to our collective financial mess: “The Brokers With Hands On Their Faces Blog.”

WORLD: Libya rebels’ cabinet dismissed

The rebel government in Libya, which has been recognized by the U.S. as the sole government in the country, has fired its entire cabinet of ministers in the wake of the unsolved killing of military leader Abdel Fattah Younis. He was murdered just after he was ordered to appear before the cabinet.

CRIME: D.B. Cooper DNA doesn’t match

The new lead in the unsolved case of the skyjacker D.B. Cooper failed to pan out when the DNA failed to match. A woman had come forward saying her uncle may have been the man that hijacked a plane and disappeared in the night after jumping from the plane, but it turns out it was a false lead.