(Image from Dawn.com)

Recent recipients include Christine O’Donnell, for the reception she got trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame, Michelle Bachmann, for struggling to remain relevant in the presidential race, and the White House, for having to deal with an earthquake, debt ceiling debacle, and the nation’s downgraded credit rating all in one week.

Now, some 7,000 miles away, the powerful people of the Green City will get judged on their own weeks, in Pakistani English-language newspaper Dawn’s new and original feature “Worst Week in Islamabad.”

For their first week of the feature, Dawn chose to tell the somewhat convoluted tale of Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s worst week, in which he was attacked by the press and focused on gambling in Karachi instead of violence.

Dawn put its own spin on Cillizza’s trademark “Worst Week in Washington” final sentence, which usually reads: “[insert name], for [insert stupid action], you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.”

Dawn’s last sentence read, instead, “So for... going ahead with his assault against ordinary crime in a city reeling from political violence, Malik has certainly had the worst week in Islamabad – despite having spent most of it in Karachi.”

When asked about Dawn’s inspired new feature, Outlook editor Carlos Lozada said he was “flattered,” but that “as bad as Washington gets, I suspect the competition might be slightly tougher for choosing the worst week in Islamabad.”

Cillizza was somewhat miffed at his newest media rival.

“Well, this complicates my plan to expand my ‘Worst week’ franchise into Hartford, Connecticut and Peoria, Illinois.....” he said.