As Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh plans to sign a deal today that could mean the end of his 33-year rule, a graphic new video has emerged that indicates human rights abuses continue in the country’s 11-month-old uprising.

A man carries the disemboweled boy to an emergency room. (Image via YouTube)

Amnesty International reports that the human rights situation in Yemen has deteriorated rapidly this year, and that torture against protesters is a widespread practice. Methods of torture in Yemen, according to the human rights organization, include: “beatings all over the body with sticks, rifle butts, punching, kicking, prolonged suspension by the wrists or ankles, burning with cigarettes, being stripped naked, denial of food and prompt access to medical help, as well as threats of sexual abuse.”

Disembowelment, or the removal of a person’s bowels often through a horizontal incision in the abdominal area — as it appears to have been done in this video, has been used in a number of countries as a method of torture and execution. It is almost always fatal without medical attention, but death is prefaced by several hours of severe pain.

Watch the video here, but a WARNING: This is very graphic content.