Update, Friday, 10:29 a.m.

Doctors say Yue Yue has now died. Read the full report here.

Ever since BlogPost first wrote about Wang Yue, nicknamed Yueyue, the Chinese toddler who was run over in a horrific hit-and-run as she walked across the street, the blog started receiving e-mails about how to help.

A nurse takes care of two-year-old girl Yue Yue in a hospital in Guangzhou Sunday. (AP)

After several days in intensive care, it was announced yesterday that YueYue would not make it. Doctors pronounced her “in a deep coma and clinically brain-dead.”

Here is how you can still help:

Yueyue’s family:

The Shanghaiist blog, which has been following Yueyue’s story since it began, reports that Yue Yue’s family has been flooded with donations that now total 270,100.40 Renminbi ($42,318.25).

Journalists surround the unidentified parents of a Yue Yue Tuesday. (AP)

If you’d like to donate, go to the Shanghaiist blog for Wang Chichang’s bank details. (You can use Google translate to translate his bank information into English.)

Chen Xianmei:

Yue Yue’s mother speaks to Chen Xianmei, right. (AP)

Chen has now fled the city after being harassed by people who said she rescued YueYue for attention, saying she does not want any more donations or attention.

Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command:

If you’d like to donate generally to the hospital that took care of Yueyue, you can call it at +86-20 8666-2205. The hospital’s address is: 111 Liu Hua Lu, Guangzhou, China.

The Guangdong Law Society:

The Guandong Law Society is setting up a commission to study the practice of refusing to help dying people, and to help push for better “Good Samaritan” legislation.

Taken from Oct. 13, 2011, security video camera footage, the image shows a person cycling by Yue Yue. The person does not stop to help. (AP)

You can contact the law society through its Web site, phone number: +86 20 83122946, or address: Room 306, Teaching and Research Building, 4 Huanghua Road, Guangzhou, P.R. China. Contact Prof. Huateng Wei at the law society at weihuateng@163.com or  +86 20 83122946.

The Guangdong Charity Federation:

After YueYue’s father said he was overwhelmed by all the donations that poured in, the federation offered to help him manage it if he needed it. Wang has not decided whether to accept their offer yet.

The federation in the past has also helped victim’s of typhoons in China and encouraged better protection of the environment.

You can call the federation at +020-83337255. Its address is No.118, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou City 510030, P.R. China.

Watch the original video of the hit-and-run below. WARNING: Contains graphic content.