When I go to Caps games during the regular season, I sport a Steve Konowalchuk jersey signed by some of my all-time favorite players. It’s the one I have to wear. But when I go during the playoffs, I wear the first jersey I ever got - it’s an old white one, and it’s way too small on me. But it’s the one I have to wear.

Sports fans are as famously superstitious as the players we support, so in honor of tonight’s playoff game - the beginning of what I’m hoping will be a long run for the Caps - I asked a few friends to share their sports superstitions. Feel free to share yours in the comments, and even adopt a couple new ones for good luck.


- Chris (Crystal City) can’t hold his own tickets. If he does? “Armageddon.”

- Emmett (Charlotte) has been building Caps playoff shrines for about 10 years. The shrines, he says, have included his Caps flag, souvenirs like hockey pucks and bobble heads, and offerings like shots of liquor and chocolate bars, which he explains were sacred food for the Aztecs and Mayans. What else did last year’s shrine include? A stuffed animal red panda, as in “Rock the Red... Panda.”

- Megan (D.C.) says of March Madness and playoff runs, “I have to watch every game the same way I watch the first one. If I watch the first game at home, I have to watch them all at home. If I watch with my boyfriend in the room, he has to be in the room every time.”

- Linden (Minneapolis) needs to eat the entire bag, bowl, or plate of food in front of him before the end of the second period, or else the game will go to overtime.

- David (San Diego) says that “like any good fan,” he has a lucky hat, which he’ll wear until the San Diego Padres win the World Series. So what would happen if the hat got lost? David wouldn’t tell me, because it would be bad luck to even discuss it.

- Joe (Annandale) says that if he changes the channel while watching a game, something bad always happens, so he has to watch the same channel until the game is over, including intermissions.