DeAngelo Hall will be looking to hit Tony Romo in his tender torso. (Tony Avelar/AP)

1. Well, duh. Of course he’s going to target Romo’s ribs. Football players do that every week — find an opponent’s weakness and exploit it. Perhaps it was odd that he said it out loud, but not odd that he’s thinking it.

2. Yes, please.

Listen, it’s the Cowboys. We want the Redskins to inflict pain upon them. Send more of their players off the field limping. Make it so the announcers are making AFLAC jokes. There’s no shame in rooting for a cracked collarbone. Deep down (or not so deep down for some) we like to see players we don’t like get hurt. I’m not talking serious, life threatening injuries of course, but football is a sport of violence and violence hurts people. It’s the same reason we watch NASCAR races for the crashes. Last Sunday, Tony Romo and Michael Vick got hurt. It was like Christmas. Heck, it would have been Christmas & Mardi Gras combined if the Giants weren’t faking their injuries.

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And let’s not assume the Cowboys feel differently. Their defensive coordinator is Rob Ryan, the spawn of the evil one, Buddy Ryan. Remember, Buddy put bounties on opposing quarterbacks and is responsible for the infamous “Body Bag Game”. They’re probably planning on hitting Rex Grossman in his weak spot — they’ll keep whispering in his ear “just throw it deep.” Rob looks like he might get into a sideline fight (like his old man did in Houston towards the end of his career) the next time the Cowboys offense loses a game for the team.

But, I’m not sure I want to see Tony Romo completely knocked out the game. There is something very special about a Tony Romo interception. I watched the Cowboys-49ers game last week, and watching Jon Kitna throw picks just isn’t the same. Tony is a virtuoso of the turnover — a Picasso of the 4th quarter collapse. He finds new, creative ways to lose, and I sometimes wonder if we don’t fully appreciate the artistry of his failures.

So, on Sunday, please hit Tony Romo in the ribs. Help him come up with that extra interception, the additional fumbled snap. I want to see to him in the post game news conference, wearing a goofy hat, talking responsibility for the loss and talking about the Redskins are just a really good football team and they need to execute better. And then he’ll get on his crutches and walk away.