I have blogged earlier about my fears about the Redskins and the draft — about how we always seem to go in looking for the savior, the single player who will turn around the team’s fortunes. I have blogged, too, about how we have done a particularly poor job when we have drafted quarterbacks, especially in the early rounds. Year after year, other teams have been patient, stockpiling picks, looking for gems in the late rounds, while we have either bet the farm on an early pick or traded picks away for a washed-up veteran.

And so it was with considerable trepidation that I perused the many mock drafts that had Washington picking up one of the deeply flawed passers coming out this year, or one of the supposedly can’t-miss defensive linemen. Some news stories even suggested that the Shanahan’s would try to trade into the top five, or three, or one.

Happily, none of that happened.

I am writing this post on Saturday morning, and I have no idea what the Redskins will do in the weekend rounds. But following the draft the past two evenings, watching the team trade again and again, moving further back but getting more picks, made me suddenly want to believe that something new has come to Washington: patience.

We are a Swiss cheese of holes just now, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. Adding depth, filling holes with eager young players who are B or B+, is far better than our former strategy of grabbing a couple of A’s and surrounding them with C’s and D’s. I find myself oddly excited about the team’s future — not this year, when 8-8 will still be a reach, but two and three years from now.