View Photo Gallery: Fred Davis enjoyed his last game of the season and yet another Redskins loss.

There is little solace in watching the Eagles and Giants lose, or the Cowboys get beat by the Cardinals in overtime. A part of me was glad the Redskins defense let Shonn Greene walk into the end zone for the third time, as if to send a “what’s the point?” message to our consistently inept offense. But no, there wasn’t much solace in that either.

After learning during the game that Fred Davis and Trent Williams will miss the remainder of the season for breaking the league’s substance policy for the third time, I felt defeated. Losing players to injury, season-ending or week to week, is one thing, but losing two starters for at least four games because of their own selfish actions is just plain disgraceful. I suppose if you’re creating a youth movement on the roster then that’s exactly what you get. Along with the speed and stamina comes the immaturity. But where some show immaturity on the field others need to prove it off the field.

Bill Parcells had a famous “at the clubs” speech he gave to all his younger players. I’m sure Shanahan has his own version. This is one time you can’t blame the coaches. Davis and Williams are to be held accountable for their actions, and that’s exactly why they’re suspended.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many players on the roster working their tails off, despite owning a losing record, that don’t feel that urge to unwind with a big fatty or a trip to the skin bars. Brandon Banks should feel incredibly lucky his incident at the night club in the off-season didn’t end his career, or even his life.

I know many of these athletes are naturally gifted, but they all have to work hard to develop these abilities. It’s nothing less than a total waste to throw it away for some temporary and fleeting amusement.

When retired players say “Enjoy it while it lasts, because it doesn’t last long” they aren’t referring to reefer and clubs. They’re referring to being able to play the game at a high level. They’re referring to the human body’s undeniable decline as time goes by. “Carpe Diem” might be more exciting and enticing than “plan for the future”, but in the immortal words of Mickey Mantle “Had I known I was gonna live this long I would’ve taken better care of myself.”

Remembering the good old days when the Redskins were 3-1, smiles were big and eyes were wide, and playoff talks shot through the air. How fast things can go from good to bad, then from bad to worse.

Realistically this team has a long way to go and it’s safe to say this season is a wash. The only thing to do now is to work toward getting better every week, building on chemistry, and rooting against Dallas.


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