Hey Jeremy Maclin and Michael Vick, how does 1-4 taste? (Alex Brandon/AP)

It’s great to have another team in the division to be the laughing stock for a change, isn’t it? Usually it’s the Redskins who everyone points and laughs at, but this year the Eagles that are the overpriced embarrassment. Let’s break down the hilarity:

Moderately amusing

The Eagles are 1-4 during a season where they were supposed to contend for a Super Bowl. (Have I ever mentioned that they’ve never won a Super Bowl? I have? Ok, just checking.) They’re also experiencing all the little things that happen when your team isn’t performing, like calling the all-important “players-only meeting.” These meetings are ostensibly a place where the players get the coaches out of the room and motivate each other. They are usually led by some veteran who always makes sure to let it leak out that he called the meeting. In this case, Jason Avant. I’m sure he mainly wanted to say, “Hey guys, let’s not blame things on my fumbles.”

Laugh out loud funny

One of the things about the failure of the Eagles defense this year is that we get to be constantly reminded that the Eagles hired their offensive line coach as their defensive coordinator. I keep waiting to hear that it is all an elaborate prank. Juan Castillo, after 10 years as offensive line coach, was hired for a position that he hadn’t held since he coached high school ball in the 80’s. In personnel circles, it’s known as “Zorning” things. Not only did the Eagles have to confirm to the media that they weren’t firing Castillo this week, there were also rumors that the Eagles would be bringing in a “defensive consultant.” These are not signs of success.

Rolling on the floor laughing

Any time you get to watch the Eagles at the end of a half trying to manage the clock, it’s hard not to laugh at the sheer incompetence. Like someone said on Sunday, maybe Andy Reid will get it figured out by his third decade on the job. Reid’s clock management problems date back years — the classic example being the Super Bowl against the Patriots when the Eagles didn’t seem in any particular hurry to win the game. Daylight savings time ends in a few weeks, but Andy Reid probably won’t get around to changing his clocks until January.

But the the funniest thing about the Eagles last week, the thing that had me laughing so hard I hurt a rib, was the fact that they got beat last week on a hard count. I mean, everyone knew the Bills were trying to draw the Eagles offsides. I usually get frustrated when teams do it, as it almost never works, and just wastes my valuable football viewing time. But the Eagles jumped, and the Bills were able to run out the clock. Just the perfect cherry of incompetence on top of a Fail Sundae.

So, let’s enjoy the 2011 Eagles while we can. They are, to coin a phrase, a “dream team” of comedy. The are essentially the 2000 Redskins revisited (but without the Super Bowl trophies). They may go ham on the Redskins on Sunday and start their march back to respectability, so let’s savor this moment while they are a total mess.

Just think, if the Redskins do win, the Eagles are effectively eliminated from playoff contention and will spend their bye week stewing over a five-game losing streak. What kind of comedy will they think of next?