Don’t fire up the bandwagon just yet, but feel free to get excited about Brian Orakpo and the Redskins. (John McDonnell/Washington Post)

• The Redskins almost blew a big lead to a Rams team that could barely keep its quarterback upright.

• This 3-1 start could be a mirage — after all, Jim Zorn started 6-2 his first year.

Rex Grossman elicits feelings of sheer terror in me every time he drops back to pass.

• Kyle Shanahan seems to forget how to call running plays on a regular basis. Listen, buddy, the Rams have a terrible rush defense and your quarterback is Rex Grossman — run the frickin’ ball.

But screw that. I’m going to take the sunny side for once. While there may be plenty of opportunities to be negative about things later in the year (wait, was that actually being negative?), here’s what’s coming up roses:

■ The Redskins are 3-1 and in first place going into the bye. This is a good thing, and we should bask in its glow while it lasts. Savor it.

■ When Kyle decides to actually call running plays, Torain, Helu, and Hightower are a pretty good set of options at running back. Bad for fantasy football, but good for the real thing.

Poll: Who should the Redskins start at running back?

■ The defense continues to look great. It will be fun to watch Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo butcher quarterbacks and get held by offensive linemen for the next decade.

■ The so-called “Dream Team” up I-95 is in last place. That’s gotta put a smile on your face. At least the Eagles can fall back on all those Super Bowl trophies. Ha ha ha ha...

■ As scary as Rex gets, he’s not terrible. I mean, it’s not like he’s Tony Romo, who keeps finding new and creative ways to lose games. (Favorite tweet after Romo threw consecutive pick sixes: “If Tony Romo finds a way to blow a 27-3 lead to Detroit, man, it would be his Sistine Chapel.”)

So take the opportunity to taunt Cowboys and Eagles fans. (Note: This should be done every week, independent of actual game play.) The Redskins are in first place, with a solid defense and a division crumbling around them. It’s not time to start up the bandwagon, but it’s at least an opportunity to park the car in the VIP parking spot for a little while.