These Redskins look awfully familiar. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Well, the Redskins are in the midst of yet another football crisis (I think in this analogy, Zorn is Lehman Brothers and Albert Hanyesworth is Bernie Madoff). Is this time different? Is this in reality a rebuilding year that is actually rebuilding to something? Or is it just another year in a string of depressing Redskins seasons that never get better?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Redskins start the season in promising fashion, but that promise soon fades away. The Redskins started last year 4-3, with wins over three eventual playoff teams, but then limped to 6-10. Two years before that, the Audacity of Zorn led the Redskins to a 6-2 start, and they finished finish 8-8.

It seems likely that the bye week was the high water mark of the Redskins season. In just over a week, the Redskins have gone from division favorites back to division laughingstock.

To quote Dennis Green, the Redskins are “who we thought they were.” They are what they always are. And I have a sinking feeling that this time isn’t any different.