Sure, there are lots of negative things about the NFL lockout. Like, I may have to start paying attention to my family on Sundays. But for Redskins fans, there are actually some bright spots.

1. The lockout prevents the Redskins from making terrible free agent signings. The trademark of Redskins offseasons the last 11 years or so has been overpaying for free agents. From Deion Sanders to Albert Haynesworth, the Redskins have proven that no player is too old, and no price is too high. But now, with no free agency in place, Shanahan and Allen can spend all their collective brainpower preparing for the draft. This is a wonderful thing.

2. Labor strife means that people might stop talking about what an awful owner/person Dan Snyder is. Every day Deadspin posts a follow up about Snyder’s City Paper lawsuit called “We Are All Dave McKenna” and takes another opportunity to point out what a tool Dan Snyder is. With all this discussion about decertification, lockouts, and financial records, maybe people will forget about the fact that the owner of the Redskins is universaly loathed. This, I’ll admit, is a real long shot.

3. Vinny Cerrato isn’t in charge of the Redskins anymore. OK, so this isn’t related to the lockout, but it does give you the warm and fuzzies, right? Vinny’s recent radio appearances (The D.C. Sports Bog has published some very good summaries) make him look even worse than he did before. The most appalling thing (if I had to just pick one) is how he constantly says that many decisions were made because they were worried about what the press would think. Talk about a lack of faith in your own plan (if there was one).

4. If games are missed, the Redskins are guaranteed to win the Super Bowl. The only two times the NFL lost games to a labor dispute (1982 & 1987), the Redskins won the Super Bowl. That is a 100 percent correlation.

So lock away, NFL. As Redskins fans, we will sit back, enjoy the lack of free agent signings (that Vinny Ceratto has nothing to do with), forget about Dan Snyder and start planning our Super Bowl celebrations.