Here are a few quick and dirty (unlike last night’s game) thoughts on game one of the Caps-Rangers series. Pretty fascinating game, if you ask me. Any soccer fans in the house? I’ll bet you guys especially enjoyed it.

- First and foremost, shoutouts for all the Caps rookies. A great effort all around, and in a lot of ways, they showed up better than the veterans.

- Equally important shout out to Mike Green, who returned from a 6-week injury poised to bury the discussion of his underperforming in the playoffs.

- Is Arnott-Semin the new Backstrom-Ovechkin? What a pair.

- The Caps looked quite a bit fresher than New York in overtime. I’m hoping that knowing we’re better conditioned will force the Rangers to be a little less patient and a little more aggressive.

- Can anyone think of a good reason for Versus to choose Detroit-Phoenix over us last night? Well, I suspect they won’t be making that mistake again.

- Guys who skate hard looked good last night - Jason Chimera comes to mind right away. To that end, I’m looking forward to seeing Eric Fehr in the mix.

- Keys for Game 2: No shortcuts - work hard, stay out of the box, take smarter, less easily blocked shots. If it’s going to take patience to win this series, have more of it.