Some quick Game 1 notes:

 - Looked early on as if Alex Semin was going to have another one of "those" series. Took a hooking penalty, hit a couple posts, and winged a few shots into the glass. Then came the OT. There's honestly no one that I think deserved that goal more than 28, and what a shot it was.

- Playing Marc Staal close to 35 minutes a night isn't going to hurt the Rangers now (although you could make the argument it did last night, as his failure to clear the puck led to Semin's goal), but it will catch up to them for sure at some point.

- If he's healthy, I don't see how Jason Chimera should get a sweater over Eric Fehr for Game 2. I know the rule is not to mess with a winning lineup, and I'm not sure Fehr really works as a bottom-six forward, but Chimera's just not getting it done right now.

- Solid performance from Neuvirth. The one goal wasn't really his fault, and he made the key saves he had to make.

- Not so solid performance from Mike Green. Chalk it up to rust, perhaps, but there were times where it looked really ugly out there with him and Erskine. I recall more than a few communication issues, including one that led to Gilroy's goal, and one that had them run into each other in the Caps zone, leading to a scoring attempt by the Rangers. Perhaps they need to shake up the pairings again.

- I like Joe B. and all, but if he keeps screaming at every shot attempt in overtime, he's going to give me a heart attack.

- I think one of the biggest problems the Caps have had all season is their inability to establish themselves in the offensive zone for long periods at a time. It seems like every team they play is able to negate their forechecking in that fashion (ironically, it was their forechecking that caused the OT goal). I think that's really hurt them offensively, because they just can't wear teams down that way, and the Rangers would be really susceptible to that.

- As far as Game 2 goes, I'm looking for the Caps to (hopefully) gain an advantage early, and make the Rangers chase them. I think that's the best way to go, because I'm just not sure they have the scoring depth to compete with the Caps. Montreal did the same thing to the Caps last year. Get one or two, run for dear life.