View Photo Gallery: The play of Brandon Banks was one of the highlights in a rare competitive game for the still-reeling Redskins.

The Good

The Redskins offense. Holy moly, the Redskins scored 24 points. In one game! Rex Grossman made some great passes and the Redskins offense looked almost, dare I say it, competent .

Brandon Banks. It was nice to see him actually be relevant in a game. I felt it like it was 2010 again, when Brett Favre was still playing and I had fewer gray hairs.

Draft position. Hey, it’s a lost season anyway. The Redskins probably can’t lose enough to get Andrew Luck, but there appear to be several good QB options in the draft next year, like Matt Barkley, Robert Griffin III, and Landry Jones. In my opinion, the Redskins should draft a quarterback and nothing but offensive linemen in next year’s draft.

The Bad

Graham Gano. Ugh. I recant my earlier statement. The Redskins should only draft a QB, offensive linemen and kickers. Lots of kickers.

The running game. Or more accurately, the lack of a running game. Ryan “Alsace and” Torain is either a one-year wonder, or he’s not the same player since his injuries. Free Roy Helu!

Critical third down and long situations involving Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeAngelo Hall. It’s amazing the Redskins can lose two games to the same team in the same year practically the same way.

The Ugly

The white pants. Remember the good old days when the Redskins only wore the burgundy jerseys and white pants when they played at Dallas? And the Cowboys would have to wear their odd-looking blue jerseys when they came to D.C.? Whoever decided not to do the white jersey/burgundy pants combo should be canned. Or at least go with the gold pants. It’s a travesty.

Rob Ryan. Fox should give a special parental warning when it broadcasts Cowboys games if we’re going to see that much of Ryan. He looks like he’s auditioning for “Bad Santa 2.” I have young kids — they’ll have nightmares tonight.