If you’re going to lose, at least look good doing it. (J Pat Carter/AP)

1. Rex Grossman is perfectly suited to be a backup NFL quarterback. He’s got enough skill to come off the bench and give a team a spark, and the less time that he’s on the field the less time he has to throw interceptions. Unfortunately, he’s the Redskins’ starting quarterback.

2. John Beck is perfectly suited to be something else other than an NFL quarterback. I wish John Beck well — he seems like a very nice, decent man. And with a college degree, missionary experience, and a fluency in Portuguese, I have no doubt that he will be successful in his next career.

3. This Redskins defense is going to be good. They get turnovers, and the Kerrigan/Orakpo tandem will be great for a long time. They’re only okay now, but at least you can see the potential.

4. It’s worse to be an Eagles fan. Sure, the Redskins are playing horribly and are in last place in the NFC East. But so are the Eagles. The Redskins may be terrible, but at least our expectations were lower.

5. I am not very good at picking football games. My brother is in a football pool at work and he asked me to help him make his picks this week. I very confidently made his picks and went 5-9 for the day. The Ravens got beat by Tarvaris Jackson? The Eagles got beat by [Red] Skelton? I’m glad it wasn’t my money.

6. The Redskins look terrible in white pants. Not sure if they thought that white pants are some sort of South Beach chic or what. Please, when you wear the burgundy jerseys, wear the gold pants.

7. I have no idea how the Redskins should get better. Or will get better. I asked my son, who is six and watches a lot of football, what the Redskins should do. He said that “the coach should speed up.” When I asked him what he should speed up exactly, he said, “speed up the goodness. And slow down the badness.” I think he has a point.