Our long national nightmare is over. Now that the NFL is back in business, the Redskins have a lot of work to do in a short period of time. The key things that need to happen:

Resolve the Haynesworth & McNabb situations.

I feel bad including McNabb with Fat Albert, but they are related in the sense that they are both high-priced veterans who have fallen out of favor. The Redskins need to trade Haynesworth for something — anything — that will keep him away from the Eagles. No reason to roll the dice on him becoming suddenly discovering a work ethic in Philly. For McNabb, they need to cut him, trade him, or make him the starter. Keeping him around as a backup makes no sense. What a bizarre saga — the trade, the contract extension, the benching, the wristband — just end it already.

Resolve the quarterback situation.

If they don’t make McNabb the starter (hint: they won’t), they need to find someone who is capable of starting in the NFL. Is John Beck that guy? Well, I suppose anything is possible, but it sure seems unlikely that he is the long -term solution. Or the short-term solution. Or any kind of solution, really. They need to find someone who won’t stink up the joint so they can draft the QB of the future next year. Please note: This does not include Brett Favre. No no no no. When asked on Twitter how fans would react to Favre joining the Redskins, I replied “with great vengeance and furious anger.” Why can’t he just stay retired?

Don't be stupid in free agency.

If you had to sum up the Redskins of the last 10 years it would be the bad free agency decisions. The Albert Haynesworth, Adam Archuleta, Jeff George and Deion Sanders type of decisions. There will be a lot of free agents available in the next week and the Redskins need to avoid the oldest and most expensive ones. The prime example would be DL Kris Jenkins, who was said to be on the Redskins’ free agent wish list — until he retired.

Stop being stupid in non-football matters.

I’ve mentioned my distaste for the City Paper lawsuit before. I feel that Snyder needs to move past this quickly and avoid a trial that will just provide another reason for Redskins fans to resent the team. Yet, the Redskins seem to come up with more reasons to resent the ownership. Yesterday, it was announced that Matt Terl, the official blogger for the Redskins, was let go due to “restructuring.” Matt was pretty much universally liked by fans and media members. Getting rid of him just as the lockout ends definitely falls into the “stupid” category.

This is a daunting list — the next ten days will determine a lot about what the Redskins will look like for the next few years. Let’s hope that future doesn’t include Haynesworth, McNabb, starting quarterback John Beck, or a dozen free agent busts.