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The good:

Rex Grossman. That 50 yard touchdown pass to Anthony Armstrong may have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (don’t tell my wife). This week I changed my Twitter profile picture to Rex’s “swag face” (courtesy of Mr. Irrelevant). I can assure you that John Beck was never in danger of gracing my profile photo.

Roy Helu: Hurdling, running, catching. I have a feeling the Redskins have discovered their running back of the future.

The bad:

Rex Grossman. The guy is still an interception machine. Let’s not forget that the Redskins play against Darrelle Revis and the Jets next week. That could be painful, and could cause me to change my Twitter profile back to something non-Rex.

The kicking unit. Graham Gano. Danny Smith. Yuck. It’s almost as though there needs to be a unit of the Redskins that makes it difficult to win.

Draft position. I’m not one to root for tanking, but every win does hurt the possibility of drafting a franchise quarterback. Still, I can’t take losing all the time, and I have a feeling that with Jets-Pats-Giants coming up, the losses will still be there.

The ugly:

The announcing booth. Watching the Redskins lose each week means that we generally experience the lower tier of broadcasters. This Sunday, with Ron Pitts and Jim Mora, things hit rock bottom. Pitts and Mora were incoherent, confused, and in Mora’s case, condescending. This reminds me that back in the 90’s, the worst announcer for NFL games was Jerry Glanville. You may remember that things weren’t much better for the Redskins back then, and we saw a lot of what we called “Glanville Games.” A friend of mine once ran into Jerry in the airport and explained the Glanville Game phenomenon. To Glanville’s credit, he laughed it off and said that was probably why he wasn’t working as an announcer anymore. I guess my point is that I hope to have the same conversation with Jim Mora some day.