I was one of many perched on the John Beck bandwagon to Disney Land, only to recently discover that Beck would be riding shotgun and Rex Grossman would be handed the reins. It’s now Rex’s war party to lead and I’m not one to shy away from a party. I can only hope our glorious capital city shows Rex more kindness than the windy city did, which shouldn’t be difficult. After all, Rex did earn the starring role in Shanahan’s re-make of a redemption flick. I just hope it has a happy ending.

Onto the New York Football Giants, a.k.a. Big Blue, a.k.a. the G-Men. Yet another opening day against our bitter NFC East rival. Lately it’s been domination with the Giants taking six straight wins. Has enough changed in Washington and New York to stop this bullying?

From what I’ve seen the Redskins have improved and the Giants have fallen off a bit. However, the Giants still have more experience at almost every position and more familiarity with their systems and personnel. On the other hand, the Redskins will be fighting to churn potential into production every single play of every single game. It’s the NFL, or more accurately, the NFL after a long lockout, and anything can and usually does happen, but as much as I’d like to see a victory I’m expecting the Giants’ streak to reach seven.

Regardless of winning or losing, I’d like to see the offensive line build on its success in the preseason. They have been getting a good first push and controlling the line of scrimmage, opening running lanes, giving the quarterbacks time, and finishing their blocks up field.

I’d like to see some younger players step up and be game changers. Who is the new Banks and the new Armstrong? Austin, Kerrigan, Helu, Gomes, Barnes? Missing anyone?

I’d like to see more points on the board. Kyle Shanahan’s offense put up big numbers in Houston. It’s the same offense. Over 30 is nice, over 20 is fine, under 20 and something’s not stirring the Kool-Aid.

Speaking of 20, I’d like to see Atogwe have a solid first outing in burgundy and gold, even if the Dynamic Duo is incomplete as Landry has been ruled out.

I’d like to see London Fletcher lay the smack down on Brandon Jacobs. Again.

Speaking of Jacobs, I’d like to see him keep his anger in check. A 29-year-old veteran should not be throwing punches in a preseason game. Leave the pouting to Eli and Coughlin.

I’d like to see Graham Gano not miss one kick. I’ve seen him miss enough for two seasons, so I don’t want to see him miss until at least the bye-week.

Speaking of Gano, I’d like to see him sail every kickoff over Devin Thomas’ head so at the end of the game his uniform is spotless and he hasn’t broken a sweat.

Speaking of Devin Thomas, I’d like him to understand that a “Deadskin” is a player with tremendous natural ability that that does not have the work ethic and determination to live up to his potential, occasionally sleeping through meetings, playing too many video games, giving himself a nickname, etcetera. Lucky for us Redskins fans, Shanahan has done much to exfoliate this dead skin.

Speaking of Shanahan, I’d like to see him succeed in year two, if only to thank him for restoring some dignity to Redskins Park.