All aboard the John Beck bandwagon! (Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post)

An intentional grounding safety was taken away because of a helmet to helmet hit. Brent Celek made a redonkulous kitten catch, bouncing the ball to himself over and over again. And of course, Rex Grossman threw four interceptions.

• Poll: Should the Redskins start Grossman or Beck?

It’s not the end of the world, but one critical change should be made. John Beck should get the nod this week in Carolina. The defense has been playing too well to continually allow the offense to struggle. Mike Shanahan thought Grossman’s knowledge of the offense gave them the best chance to win and it did... for a bit. But it’s obvious that this Redskins team should be better than they are, and it’s not only Grossman holding them back, but he has to be the fall guy.

Beck looked to be delivering the ball with better velocity than Grossman, and his athleticism is now necessary for the position. The modern quarterback needs to be able to extend plays and make throws on the run. Beck can. Rex can’t. Beck’s also got a fire in his belly. Rex just has lots of food rationed there.

The emotion that Grossman displayed against the Giants, when he leapfrogged Anthony Armstrong, has disappeared along with his good play. Coincidence? Passionate players inspire teammates and bring stadiums to their feet. They’re plentiful on defense but sparse and desperately needed on offense.

Will Shanahan give Beck the start? He goes through running backs like paper towels, but traditionally he’s been loyal to his quarterbacks: John Elway, Steve Young, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler. But last year Shanahan had no problem benching McNabb for poor play. If Shanahan sticks to what he said in that wins are the only statistic that matter for a quarterback then Grossman keeps his job against Carolina. But that would be a mistake.

The Redskins defense has proven it can keep games close and give the offense opportunities to score. The offense has proved that this is a one-way relationship. Wins are the most important statistic, but Grossman was much more influential in determining both losses than in determining the three wins. Aside from a good day against the Giants, I’d argue that he’s been more of a detractor than positive influence. The Arizona and St. Louis games shouldn’t have been close. Dallas and Philly could’ve been wins. Grossman’s fumble at the end of the Dallas game prevented the opportunity of a comeback. His four interceptions against Philly prevented any opportunity.

Do the right thing Mike, give John Beck his shot. You could say that Rex had a losing record in the division (since wins are the only meaningful statistic) and we’d accept that reasoning. Grossman was never the long-term solution at quarterback — not saying Beck is either — but if you’re not committed to the guy for the long haul then who cares if you keep making them compete and earn the job every week. I give you permission to blame it on me if it fails. Last thing, could you tell Kyle to stop abandoning the freakin’ running game?