London Fletcher and the Redskins would like to put 2011 behind them, but will 2012 be any better? (Evan Vucci/AP)

Shattering ESPN’s prediction of winning only three games the over-achieving Redskins won five. Mike Shanahan recorded the longest losing streak of his career and his worst overall record ever. It’s now been four years since the franchise has produced a winning season or reached the playoffs.

Now onto the awards section of our program....

The MVP Award and the Defensive Award go to London Fletcher: the NFL’s energizer bunny and tackling machine. Any Redskins defensive player who finished the last two seasons on IR should talk to Fletch about his personal maintenance. I’m guessing it doesn’t involve eight hours of daily weight-lifting.

The award for the Offensive MVP was lost in the mail.

The Most Special Special Teamer was Sav Rocca. Great pick-up by Shanahan, even if he might be an Eagles spy.

There are several Emerging Star recipients: Roy Helu, Ryan Kerrigan, Perry Riley and Evan Royster. That’s a good sign. Running backs need to flourish in Shanahan’s system and linebackers need to flourish in a 3-4 defensive set.

The Savvy Vet Awards go to Santana Moss, Jabar Gaffney, London Fletcher, and Sav Rocca. When Moss is out it shows.

The Almost There Awards go to Leonard Hankerson, DeJon Gomes, Maurice Hurt and Will Montgomery. Hankerson went out on a great note and hopefully he comes back on a better one. Gomes was solid all year and got good game experience. Hurt and Montgomery need to continue to improve to finally get our offensive line back where it belongs.

Speaking of the offensive line, this deficiency needs to be resolved once and for all. Historically the Redskins have never had a franchise quarterback, sorry Joe and Sonny, and no matter who they get under center, he won’t compare to Sammy Baugh. Instead, the Redskins best teams showcased the best blocking in the business. Trent Williams needs to put down the blunts and pick up the slack. He’s talented, but he’s not dominating anyone.

Now it’s time for some bullet points on the the season that was. Remember how great it was when the Redskins were 3-1? Now remember how it felt when the Redskins lost six straight. Personally I prefer the 3-1 feeling.

Sweeping the Giants nullifies any of their playoff success, but if we’re sweeping the Giants then why are we getting swept by the Cowboys and Eagles? That’ll keep me up nights.

What will Redskins Nation do when Rex Grossman is the 2012 Week 1 starting quarterback? We might need to face facts that there might not be anyone else. John Beck is a hard-working, polite and nice man who has never won a game in the NFL. Andrew Luck is going to the Colts so bury that dream now. Robert Griffin III might be too expensive to trade up for and might not even be NFL-ready by Week 1.

Fortunately, we’ve got all off-season to speculate. Meanwhile, I’ll be pulling for the Giants to win it all, exhausting draft and free-agency possibilities, and trying to catch up with all the hockey and college basketball I’ve missed.

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