The NFL draft is supposed to be a hopeful occasion — one full of promise and potential.

For Redskins fans, it is a frightening, scary time with potential problems and danger around every corner. To put it mildly, the Redskins’ draft record over the last, oh, decade or two, has been problematic. Of course, a lot of this has to do with the fact that they usually have so few picks to make, having traded them away for whatever Brandon Lloyd-like player is available. Now that I think about it, maybe their draft record would be worse if they had more opportunities to screw up.

Anyway, the Redskins have the 10th pick in the draft. This is just high enough that it is an important pick, but not high enough that you’re guaranteed a top prospect. I am terrified of what the Redskins will do with this pick.

I’m terrified of them picking a wide receiver.

I’m terrified of them picking a running back.

I’m terrified of them picking an offensive lineman too early, even though I like it when they pick linemen.

I’m terrified of them trading up to get a higher pick.

And I’m REALLY terrified of them picking a quarterback.

I like the theory of them trading down for more picks, but that means they’ll have more picks that I’ll get unreasonably terrified about.

Now, I do feel better about the fact that Vinny Cerrato isn’t in charge of the Redskins’ draft, but that’s a pretty low bar of competence to be compared to. I WANT to trust Mike Shanahan — I believe he has won two Super Bowls — but it’s hard. The disaster that was the Donovan McNabb situation doesn’t help my confidence with the new regime. And I’m conditioned to get upset with whatever the Redskins do at the draft. I feel like an abused puppy who just slinks in the corner, cringing every time someone comes near.

The good news is that it is harder to watch the NFL draft and be terrified live. I was really hoping that this “prime time” experience would fail last year, but the NFL never fails (well, except in the courtroom against the players, but that’s a different story). I miss spending my Saturday watching the draft - I rarely had other things to do. A Thursday afternoon/evening at 5 pm Pacific Time? Between work, commuting, getting supper, and random dad duty, it’s very difficult to sit back and watch the draft. And the second round starts at 3 pm on Friday! Stupid East Coast bias.

[One aside about Dan Snyder's lawsuit re-filing - I wrote about what a terrible idea the lawsuit was when it first came out, and it's still a terrible idea. I can't believe that a theoretically smart businessman like Snyder hasn't come to his senses yet and dropped this whole mess. You're still dead to me, Dan.]

So, I apologize, but I can’t provide any cogent analysis about who the Redskins should pick. The only word of advice I can give the war room is: please don’t screw it up. My measuring stick is a simple but difficult to quantify stat — I want to be able to enjoy the draft again.