They may be 3-4, but these Redskins aren’t far off from the team fans was begging for two short years ago. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

• Fire Vinny Cerrato and get a real general manager

• Fire Jim Zorn and get a real coach

• Keep Dan Snyder away from football operations

• Stop trying to be offseason champions — don’t overpay free agents

• Build through the draft — acquire picks, don’t trade them away

• Get younger and faster

Build up the offensive and defensive lines

• Get rid of Albert Haynesworth

• Start from scratch and admit you’re rebuilding

• Build a system and develop some consistency

• Don’t do anything stupid, like sue the City Paper

With the exception of the offensive line and dumb lawsuits, the Redskins have spent the last two years meeting our demands. Why are we now complaining so much? The Redskins are 3-4, which isn't great, but no one thought the Redskins were a playoff team this year. This is what we asked for — a younger team, built on the draft, led by an experienced coaching staff with a rebuilding strategy. Dan Snyder isn't even interfering.

Chris Cooley is the wise sage of the NFL these days. Not only was he right about enjoying Tony Romo choking, he is also right about Redskins fans needing to be patient. It's tough when the team looks as bad as it did against the Bills, but at least they are playing terrible in an uninteresting way. There's no drama, no disgruntled players, no Albert Haynesworth. They're losing because they aren't quite good enough yet. As the saying goes — be careful what you wish for. You just may get it.

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