The Redskins took one square in the chops from Buffalo, and it doesn’t look like things will get better soon. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

The defense wasn’t horrible in the 23-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills. They were average, and they did hold the Bills to 23 points. Punter Sav Rocca turned in yet another stellar performance and is also the only Pro Bowl worthy player on the team. I could be persuaded to put Fred Davis in the same category, but Davis is a part of the worst offense in Mike Shanahan’s history as a football coach.

The offense is beyond bad. They are embarrassing. They turn an entertaining and exciting sport into your first day of Spanish class: awkward, sputtering and all over the place. Every single down is a struggle. The offensive line should be forced to practice without pads and shoes. The wide receivers need to get open faster. Credit to John Beck for getting right back up after getting sacked nine times. But before getting too down on the players — because they are doing the best they can and many of them are injury relief — the real scrutiny should be on Mike Shanahan and his Boy Blunder.

In their two years in Washington, the Anemic Duo has put up 30 points once — in a 33-30 loss last year to Dallas. If you want to succeed in the NFL you need to be able to put up 30 points regularly. You won’t do it every week, but teams rarely get shut down anymore, unless you’re the Redskins. While some folks in Washington wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate, I’d like to physically see the Shanahans’ Buffalo game plan. The Redskins have looked over matched and under-prepared during their three-game skid and that all falls on the coaches.

Before you start attacking the players, remember that they are the ones taking the hits, and yes they are getting paid to do it, but the coaches are also getting paid very well and are usually safe on the sidelines (Sean Payton excluded).

Expectations are the lowest they’ve been. Looking ahead I really don’t see them winning another game. Winless Miami almost beat the Giants. Minnesota looks improved with Christian Ponder in at quarterback. Playing in Seattle is always tough. Everyone else is much better than Washington.

Redskins fans have been enduring losses for 20 years. It’s difficult to ask anyone to keep waiting and eventually it’ll turn around, especially when instead of a light at the end of a tunnel it’s more like a free fall into a bottomless pit, but you can’t fix 20 years of collapse in two seasons. Continuing to build through the draft and getting more talent on the offensive side of the ball will eventually get us back in the tunnel. Unfortunately, we have to endure nine more games this season until we can look forward to the offseason.