I am sure that you noticed that Campus Overload became rather quiet in the last few months. I have been shifting to a new page, which I finally get to show you today: Jenna Johnson, Higher Education Reporter.

While the look is different, I will continue to write about breaking news in the world of higher education, student life issues, governing board flare-ups, the business of college athletics, and anything else that catches my eye. The best part is that the new page displays everything that I write, including online-only articles and those published in various sections of the paper.

The new page — which we call an “author page” around the newsroom — is an experiment aimed at helping readers get to know The Post’s reporters and more easily find our articles. I am the first to take the plunge, so please let me know what you think.

It’s been three years since I launched Campus Overload, my first foray into blogging. It has been a blast — and the best part has been getting to know many of my readers through social media, conversations in the comments section and e-mail. Thank you all for your story ideas, constructive feedback and humor over the years.

So, check out the new page. Let me know what you think. And stay in touch: My (new) e-mail address is jenna.johnson@washpost.com, and you can always find me on Twitter (@wpjenna), Instagram (@wpjenna) and Facebook (jenna.r.johnson).