Chatty tourists. A groaning escalator. Confusing signs. A homeless man reciting poetry. A kid climbing on a bench. Drunks laughing. Trenchcoats. Umbrellas. Heels. Sneakers.

This semester, a group of American University seniors turned D.C. Metro stations into their theatrical classroom. They conducted dozens of interviews, studied the mannerisms and created an original docudrama called “See Something/Say Something.”

The play is a funny, crowd-sourced critique of the system’s shortcomings. It’s a rich collection of the sounds and voices that fill the Metro system. And it’s fleeting glimpses into the lives of strangers who huddle together on Metro platforms.

“It’s the city through our eyes,” the cast sang on opening night Thursday. The play runs through Saturday night at the Katzen Arts Center on AU’s campus. Tickets are $10.