Carly Rae Jepsen: The singer who has inspired college athletes everywhere to dance, lip-sync and possibly embarrass themselves. (MARIO ANZUONI/REUTERS)

Which ones are the best? I’m definitely not going to wade into that debate. But here’s what we can learn about the lives of college athletes from these videos:

1) Life on the road is not exactly glamourous. The women’s lacrosse team at Kean University in New Jersey filmed its video during spring break in March — which they spent on a bus traveling around Virginia. Scenes include hotel rooms and hallways, a Cracker Barrel front porch and a McDonald’s parking lot.

And take a look at the exciting countryside passing by the windows of the Harvard baseball team’s van:

2) You don’t want a hotel room on the same floor as a women’s lacrosse team. Based on the evidence presented in these videos, apparently these teams spend a decent amount of time jumping on hotel beds and playing leap-frog in hotel hallways. Case in point:

3) Coaches seem to have a good sense of humor about team fads. Sports teams are like large families filled with every type of personality, and these videos seem to be a way to recognize and celebrate those personalities. So most of these videos feature a cameo of some sort from the head coach, assistant coaches, trainers or other adults. Often this cameo involves awkwardly dancing or accepting a cell phone number from a college coed.

4) What boundaries? I have seen numerous videos that feature female athletes dancing in bikinis beside a pool or towels in locker room showers. One team ended their video by listing off everyone’s Twitter handle. Maybe it’s worth a chat about putting some basic boundaries on these morale-boasting, team-promoting exercises?

5) Big sports at big schools get a lot of love very easily. Many of these videos are obviously the result of hours and hours of brain-storming, planning, filming, editing and all-out dedication. Meanwhile, a few members of the Syracuse University men’s basketball team filmed a low-key version of “Call Me Maybe” that involves, at most, some bobbing back and forth. How many views has that gotten? As of right now, more than 27,500 views.

6) Teams also do homework and study while on the road. To be fair, one of the most difficult parts of being a college athlete is finding the time to be a college student. Being on the road often means missing class and studying in not-so-ideal conditions. So props to the Duke University women’s lacrosse team for showing one player with her notebook and laptop out in an airport terminal as her teammates dance around.

Has your team also filmed a “Call Me Maybe” video? Share the link in the comments section below.

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