As you start college, employment during the school year is likely one of the last things you want to focus on. But, part-time jobs can do so much more for you than simply provide some extra money.  Landing an on-campus job is even better, as employers are used to working with students’ crazy schedules, leaving you with a level of flexibility not found off campus.

In the five years I spent at Salisbury University as an undergrad and grad student, I had seven on-campus jobs, including resident assistant, university host, writing consultant and advancement graduate assistant. While I don’t currently work in the higher education industry, I know it’s where I’ll end up one day. In addition to the friendships I made and experiences gained, the relationships built with office staff, directors and vice presidents are priceless.

Institutions are huge and chances are you can find a job that piques your interest.  Love marketing? How about being an admissions tour guide. Interested in hospitality? Check out university catering. Biology? See if you can get a job working in a lab. Love writing? Try the student newspaper or writing center.

One of these jobs would allow you to immerse yourself in something you enjoy and work with people who share the same interests. Aside from your peers, your bosses become mentors and can provide you with incredible insight into your field of interest — not to mention a shining reference.

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