I’ll never forget the night before I left for my first year at Trinity Washington University. There were so many thoughts going through my head about what college would be like in the nation’s capital.

(Kaitlyn Breslin)

Looking back on my fears, I could not have been more wrong. My first year, I learned quickly that clubs and organizations on campus were looking for new people all the time and opportunities were sometimes literally right in front of me. Clubs and organizations recruit heavily during the first weeks of school because first-year students ensure the stability of the club.

Upperclassmen may hold most of the leadership in these clubs now, but someday it may be you who runs the show.

You are an important part of the campus – even as a freshman!

Getting involved early will not only benefit the campus, it will also help you meet some great people who share your interests.

Staying involved with your campus will enrich your college experience and look great on your resume. Who knows who you might meet and what opportunities in college might lead to a job!

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