You can help out by forwarding links to me on Twitter, @wpjenna, or via e-mail, Here’s the first set:

1. Report of the Boston University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Task Force: This week, a BU task force publicly released its report on the culture of the men’s ice hockey team, as ordered by the president earlier this year after charges that two players had sexually assaulted female students. The report states that the hockey program lacks proper leadership and oversight, and that “a culture of sexual entitlement exists among some players on the men’s ice hockey team, stemming in part from their elevated social status on campus.” (Full report)

2. University of Richmond freshman featured in commercial: Have you seen that new Target commercial that shows high-schoolers getting acceptance letters and freaking out? It’s pretty sweet. And those are real videos of real students, including Tim Gruber of the University of Richmond. Back in December, Gruber found his early-decision acceptance letter in the mailbox and excitedly jumped around, shouting, “Booyah, booyah!” His parents recorded the moment, and Target used it in a commercial titled “Acceptance.” (Collegian article by Erin Moyer)

3. Aurora shooting suspect was rejected by University of Iowa grad school: I know, I know, this was published last week. But if you missed it then, you need to read it now. The University of Iowa has released documents related to the grad school application of James Holmes, who is charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58 others during a shooting rampage in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater in July. The released documents include Holmes’s test scores and grade-point average, résumé, essays and a professor’s e-mail that states “Do NOT offer admission under any circumstances.” (Des Moines Register article by Tony Leys)

4. “The Girl Thing” at Georgetown University: For the first time, Georgetown students elected two women this spring to the student government’s highest positions. Clara Gustafson and Vail Kohnert-Yount shared their experiences along the campaign trail for a documentary by fellow student Zoë Lillian. I’ve written before about the lack of women in student government leadership positions, but I found this video to be one of the most frank and honest discussions that I’ve heard about the challenges facing young female candidates. The two women say their style, looks and personalities were constantly discussed by others. “It’s there, an undertone, it’s everywhere,” Gustafson says in the video. Kohnert-Yount adds: “The male candidates don’t have to think about it.” (Be warned: There is one bad word in this video. But just one.)

The video was forwarded to me this week by a member of the Capitol Hill branch of the American Association of University Women, which is organizing an Oct. 16 panel discussion about women running for office.

5. Pell spending levels off: During the latest fiscal year, the number of college students receiving Pell Grants rpse by 58,000 — but the amount of funding provided dropped $2.2 billion from the previous year, Inside Higher Ed reported. That was some surprising news to many, including me. What’s happening? IHE says there could be a few reasons: Fewer Pells now being awarded during the summer, more students attending school part time instead of full time, and fewer students who receive the grants are attending for-profit schools. (Inside Higher Ed article by Paul Fain, along with an interesting graphic)

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