Chuck Brown performs during the GWU Alumni Weekend Kickoff Party in September 2011. (David Scavone/GWU)

Knapp figured he would play a drum solo for a few minutes and then sneak off the stage. Twenty minutes later, he was still playing. At one point, Brown got the crowd to chant: “Go President Knapp, Go President! Go President Knapp, Go President!”

“It was pretty intense,” said Knapp, a Romantic literature scholar-turned-administrator who has led GWU since 2007. “That’s an unusual experience for a university president.”

After the concert, Knapp said that Brown gave him one of the greatest compliments he has ever received: “I haven’t seen hands that fast since my calypso days.”

Knapp jokes that he wants that quote engraved on his tombstone one day.

On Thursday afternoon, Knapp was at a ground-breaking for a new building when he heard the news of Brown’s death. That night, he issued a statement: “Chuck Brown was a true cultural icon in the District of Columbia.  He essentially invented a genre of music — go-go — that will have a lasting presence in the culture not only of Washington but of America as a whole.”

Here’s a video of the Brown-Knapp performance on Sept. 16, 2011:

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