How do we extend this to the world of higher education? For those of you looking to show off your nerdy collegiate side, here are some ideas:

Dramatic Halloween inspiration: Dragas (left) and Sullivan (right). (Norm Shafer/For The Washington Post)

A MOOC: This buzzword stands for “massive open online course” and is the latest experiment with online education. To pull this off: I have no ideas. Good luck. Send me your pics.

University of Tennessee frat bros: I would recommend that you draw your inspiration for this costume from the stoic news conference that occurred after the party where a member allegedly butt-chugged wine and landed in the hospital with severe alcohol poisoning. Please don’t let your inspiration be that party. To pull this off: At least two dozen bros dressed in dark suits and sunglasses, plus statements.

An unemployed college graduate living at home with five-digit debt: Too depressing? Yeah, it is. Sorry. Never mind.

A breast-feeding professor: At the beginning of the semester, an American University anthropology professor brought her sick baby to the first day of class and briefly breast-fed while lecturing. After a student journalist raised questions, the professor published a strongly worded essay (“Exposéing My Breasts on the Internet”) that criticized the reporter. To pull this off: A sick baby, an AU wonk T-shirt and a print-out of the essay.

More ideas that were shared on my Facebook wall:

* “A Gordon Gee Bow Tie from Ohio State is a classic in the Buckeye State.”

* “A bottle of Adderall.”

* “Why not go as a promissory note?”

* “Going with a couple’s theme — a Paper FAFSA and a pen.”

* “Dress up as a helicopter parent... you’ll need some chopper blades (sorta like Inspector-Gadget style).”

And some more from Twitter:

@wpjenna “The Ivory Tower” - either make a human sized copy of the Ivory soap box OR a lot of ivory soap boxes glued into a tower

— wcet (@wcet_info) October 16, 2012

@wpjenna “Hitting the books” - dressed as a baseball player with books glued/nailed to the end of a baseball bat

— Cali Morrison (@calimorrison) October 16, 2012

@wpjenna Sexy scientist!

— Ousmane Mariko (@OusmaneMariko) October 16, 2012

Please add more ideas to this list by leaving a comment below.