Over the weekend there were a number of great higher education articles that you should add to your reading list for the week. Here are the headlines:

WSJ: Dilbert creator Scott Adams’s advice for “How to get a real education: Forget history and calculus. Most students need to learn how to run a business.”

WP Magazine: “Ink-stained students: College papers like Georgetown University’s Hoya are thriving — both inside and outside the newsroom.”

NYT: “Admission to college, with a catch: Year’s wait.” A small but growing number of application-swamped colleges are guaranteeing students admission if they first attend another institution for a year or two and earn a prescribed GPA.

WaPo: “The trials of Kaplan Higher Ed and the education of The Washington Post Co. The success of the Kaplan education division has brought unwelcome scrutiny to a family-run company that has long prided itself in serving the public interest.”

WaPo: “Job in hand, future in limbo: Juan Gomez is graduating magna cum laude to a post at a blue-chip firm. But those accomplishments may bow to a harsher reality: His status as an illegal immigrant.”

What else is going on this week?

Thursday, during Campus Overload Live (my weekly online chat), we will be chatting about the hallmarks of the best dining halls and rec centers, which are regular stops on campus tours.

And on Friday, University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan will be formally inaugurated as the university’s eighth president — and its first female president. Last month Sullivan spoke on a panel about the changing roles of women in academic leadership. (Here’s Insider Higher Ed’s coverage of the event: “What Women (Presidents) Want.”)

Anything else that should be on my radar this week? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail, johnsonj@washpost.com.

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