Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee

Republican presidential hopeful and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on June 16. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Apparently, the air of celebrity surrounding the men and women who help make our country’s laws is even more potent for Hill interns, who interact with political figures every day.

This was something Campus Overload’s Jenna Johnson addressed with chat guest Deirdre Martinez, director of the Penn in Washington program.

“It’s not easy to pretend that it’s no big deal that someone you respect and admire just walked by you, or you just shared an elevator with your hero,” said Martinez. “But you pretty much have to go with that last part of your question — be mature, show them that you aren’t a tourist — you are here to learn how things work so that you can come back and be a star yourself.”

She added: “If it’s any consolation, I have seen members of Congress be silly when a movie star walks in the room...”

Sometimes we get the same feeling working at The Post. And occasionally we also are filled with awe over what some of our fellow interns have been doing.

Former Maryland player Dino Gregory (right) plays defense and goes up against Gary Williams III during the Goodman League summer basketball tournament at Barry Farms in Washington, D.C. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

He was busy with other stories, so Shemar didn’t have much time to celebrate the accomplishment. He asked his mom to pick up a copy, updated his Facebook and twitter accounts and continued writing.

There were other notable intern moments. Daniel created this video about seniors playing Pickleball; June wrote about the International Submarine Races in Bethesda.

So what about you, fellow interns? Did you have any “celebrity” sightings this week? Are you an intern on the Hill with some stories to tell? Did you do something great this week and want to brag?  Here’s your chance. Leave us a comment below and join in.