If you think your internship is odd, you need to check this out.

Earlier this week it was June, the Metro intern, who had to serve her time in the sun. The principal at Sousa Middle School decided to reward his students for 145 days of no in-school fighting by conducting his workday from the top of the building. June, in a dress and wedge heels, followed him up the ladder and spent the day with him, tweeting live and jotting down notes.

When she returned to the newsroom, June turned her time on the roof into the story of a school turning itself around.

Every intern has a story: that thing that happened that is almost too horrifying, too amazing or just too funny to believe. And since an intern’s job usually includes a multitude of different assignments, there are plenty of opportunities to accumulate a collection of these stories by the end of the summer. We want to hear about yours, and we’ll start the conversation with some of ours:

This week, we had a Post intern who came into work smelling like a salad bar. She had dropped an entire bottle of Caesar dressing on the floor and, after cleaning it up with a towel, she discovered they had cut the water to her building and she couldn’t wash anything.

Then, there was the pair of interns who got lost trying to find The Post cafeteria. It’s hardly their fault, though. The elevators go from the first floor to the third floor. The cafeteria is on the second floor.

There have been great things, too.

Mary produced a Pippa Middleton gallery that, to her surprise, generated tons of hits. Amanda shot a beautiful photograph that ended up on the cover of the Metro section. June won a drawing and earned us an open bar for two hours at a favorite D.C. pub. And we all got to have lunch with The Post’s executive editor Marcus Brauchli.

But enough about us. What have you D.C. interns been up to this week? Do you have a story so good or so awful that you have to share? Did you accomplish something amazing this week and want to brag about it? Here’s your outlet. All summer. Let’s start a conversation — leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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