Morning rush hour commuters take the Orange line from the Court House metro stations. (Andrea Bruce/The Washington Post)

Columnist John Kelly may hate loud Metro car speakers, but if I hadn’t heard that announcement, I might have ended up halfway to the Atlantic Ocean before I knew any better. On the bright side, because I had backtracked without exiting the station, I didn't have to pay anything extra for my late-night trip to the D.C./ Prince George's County border.

And I’m not the only Post intern who’s had trouble with the Orange line this week.

 After a long and tiring day at work, this intern boarded an Orange line train heading west. Suddenly, she saw an old co-worker she didn’t know lived in D.C. They chatted and caught up until the train pulled into Rosslyn station. Just before the doors closed, he asked her what stop she needed to go to. She told him Pentagon City. He practically shoved her off the train, saying, “Blue line! You need the Blue line!”

But once we figure out where to go, we seem to manage just fine.

Being an intern at The Post definitely has its perks. We get the chance to see reporters in action as they track down the day’s news and observe the intricacies of putting out the paper every day. And we get to contribute.

This week, new intern Brian created a quiz to accompany a story about the capture of gangster “Whitey” Bulger. Jessica was a guest blogger for Campus Overload. And Victor reported on a man given the death penalty in a high-profile Fairfax County court case.

What about you, fellow D.C. interns? Do you have any Metro misadventures or other stories to tell? Did you accomplish something amazing this week and want to brag about it? Here’s your outlet. Comment below and join the conversation.

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