This city is known for a lot of things, but cheap, easy-to-find summer housing is definitely not one of them.

A major part of the D.C. intern experience revolves around housing: finding a short-term lease, dealing with landlords, bonding with Craigslist roommates and writing massive checks each month.

Thought Catalog’s Clarissa Ramon captured the challenge perfectly in a post about how to live in Washington:

“Look on Craigslist for an apartment…see the price of a one bedroom condo by the Capitol is $2700.00. Silently squeal to yourself. Look farther way. Google Shaw-Howard. Look closer. Spend 2 weeks scouring craigslist, emailing friends and distant cousins. Find a bedroom in a house in Maryland, or a couch with a friend in Columbia Heights. It doesn’t matter, you’re moving to DC.”

So what’s a summer intern to do? Especially at the last minute?

On Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern, I will be online to answer questions about finding housing, getting along with roommates and prepping for an internship during Campus Overload Live. I will be joined by Jim McGrath of the D.C. Tenants’ Advocacy Coalition.

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