Klout says it measures the amount of influence people have through social media, especially Twitter. It calculates scores based on the number of people you reach (a.k.a. followers), how much you influence them (a.k.a. how often they re-tweet or respond to you) and the influence of your followers (a.k.a. their Klout scores). Scores range from 1 to 100, but the company says most people fall around 20.

Some context: Right at this moment, my score for @wpjenna is at 55, while the random woman in a ruffled tank top featured on Klout’s home page allegedly has a 59. Meanwhile, @whitehouse is at 79, @washingtonpost is at 82, @stanford is at 66 and, sigh, @justinbieber is at 100.

A lot of social media wonks are skeptical of Klout and argue that it’s an inaccurate measure of influence. (For more on that, my colleague Mark Luckie pointed me to this article on ReadWriteWeb: 17 Alternatives to Klout.)

Either way, is this a number employers want to see on your résume? Will they even know what it means? And if not Klout, how do you succinctly explain your social media skills on a resume?

In addition to the poll, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Or on Twitter and Facebook (especially if you have a high Klout score and can bump me above that woman in the ruffled tank).

This post is generating an interesting conversation on Twitter. Here is a sampling of the comments:

So far, if applying for Klout Manager or at Klout, yes! RT @washingtonpost: Put your @Klout score on résumé? http://t.co/HmKU0wDN #jobsTue Nov 15 15:48:38 via TweetDeckDan Farfan

@washingtonpost poll: @Klout score on resume? I say no. Useful tool, but not definitive. Can plummet or skyrocket in less than 48 hours.Tue Nov 15 16:56:12 via webRyan McPhee

RT @BradMcCarty Klout scores: Do they belong on résumés? http://t.co/XR5s9JpQ If you

include your Klout score, I trash your application.Tue Nov 15 16:27:24 via EchofonDadisucre

Sure, if you wanna let them know you’re a moron! RT @washingtonpost: Should you put your @klout score on your résumé? wapo.st/v4hJ2Q #jobsTue Nov 15 15:30:46 via Twitter for iPhoneJessica Molinaro

@BakwudsHouswife @washingtonpost @Klout Yes! I’m influential about cheesecake (1twt wks ago). Less influential about autism (daily twts)Tue Nov 15 15:14:25 via webKirsten D

This article talks about putting @Klout scores on resumes. http://t.co/ZeRZAa2C I wouldn’t; why draw attention to my influence on “cats?”Tue Nov 15 15:11:41 via webDawn Olsen

This is from the Onion, right? RT @washingtonpost: Should you put your @Klout score on your résumé? http://t.co/fJH2y9ws #jobsTue Nov 15 15:04:35 via TweetDeckDavid J. Montgomery

RT @DGross So people are now putting Klout scores on their resumes? At least it will be easier to tell who not to hire... wapo.st/uF53LyTue Nov 15 14:40:59 via TweetDeckByron Tau

No. Never. I save my score for pick-up lines. (43, ladies) RT @washingtonpost Do @Klout scores belong on resumes? Ever? http://t.co/KVdX115dTue Nov 15 14:27:31 via webNick Holden

I’d be more likely to put my cholesterol on my resume than my klout score.