But freshman year can be a stressful time filled with all sorts of drama: roommate conflicts, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, homesickness, adjusting to college-level coursework, eating disorders, sex, dating and a host of emotions.

For this weekend’s magazine, I wrote an article all about the challenges of freshman year. I also compiled a handful of tips for surviving it all.

What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

Incoming freshmen sit in Thurston Hall, a dormitory at George Washington University, during George Washington University's orientation program before fall classes. (EVELYN HOCKSTEIN FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

Share your thoughts below in the comments section and use the “recommend” button to spotlight advice from others that you support. You can also pass along your tips on Twitter using the hashtag, #college101.

I will feature some of the best tips during a live chat about freshman year of college Friday at noon. For an hour, I will answer questions about all things college, along with the George Washington University dean of students and two freshman orientation leaders.

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