Former Harvard president Larry Summers brought up suits on campus on Tuesday during a tech conference when he was asked about a scene in the movie “The Social Network,” when he meets with Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins, who claim Zuckerburg broke the student code of conduct in stealing their idea for Facebook. In the movie, Summers quickly dismisses the twins’ charges.

Picture taken on Jan. 11, 2011 shows Cameron (L) and Tyler (R) Winklevoss. (KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

At the conference, Summers said: “One of the things you learn as a college president is that if an undergraduate is wearing a tie and jacket on Thursday afternoon at three o’clock, there are two possibilities. One is that they’re looking for a job and have an interview; the other is that they are [colorful word for jerk]. This was the latter case.”

The Winklevoss twins and classmate Divya Narendra responded in a letter defending themselves and clarifying that Summers’ remark “was not limited to us, but extends to any undergraduate who chooses a particular form of attire.”

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