The entitled intern has quickly learned all there is to know about this field — and has grand plans for the future. Sure, that intern is just an intern now, but someday that intern will likely be your boss. So, why not just assume such roles now?

The entitled intern picks and chooses which tasks are worthy of that intern’s time and intellect. Most are not, so that intern invents projects of a higher caliber — such as complicated legislation or an in-depth investigation. Sometimes that intern assigns other interns to work on these projects.

Still, that intern tries to fit in with the other lowly interns. For example, when discussing lunch plans, the entitled intern suggests a nearby favorite. That intern doesn’t understand why the others balk at the extravagant prices. You have to pay for quality! Just put it on your parents’ credit card!

(Very special thanks to Terence McArdle of the Post who helped me write this entry.)

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