As soon as the first day of orientation is over, every boss and staffer is also on that intern's friend list. From that moment on, you never need to ask that intern how the summer is going because you get minute-by-minute status updates:

"The Facebook intern is so excited for the brown bag lunch today."

"The Facebook intern is eating a turkey sandwich, carrots and a Diet Coke at the brown bag lunch."

"The Facebook intern just asked the lunch speaker a really challenging question." (The Facebook intern's Mom comments: "Way to go, honey! We are so proud of you!!! XOXO")

"The Facebook intern just heard some killer advice at the brown bag lunch: Don't complain about your bosses on Facebook."

"The Facebook intern is back at my desk after a super brown bag lunch. Posting photos and video now."

About #THATintern: Washington relies heavily on its over-worked and underappreciated interns. But every intern class has “that intern” — as in,“Don’t be that intern.” Each day I introduce you to one of them.

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