Granted, this is a city that runs on networking, but that intern somehow finds a way to turn it into an extreme sport. At every happy hour, that intern is constantly saying, “Do you have a card?” or “Here's my card ...” or just “Card?”

That intern deals out stacks of business cards — more than anyone else in the office, including people who actually are a big deal. If the office doesn't provide cards, the networking intern prints thousands of homemade ones, decorated with that intern’s photo and lots of all-caps, bolded words.

Each evening ends with rounds of Facebook friending, LinkedIn inviting, Google+ adding and follow-up e-mailing. The card-collecting, network-building scheme continues until August, at which point the thousands of innocent people who absentmindedly handed over their cards to satisfy some annoying intern from who-knows-where will receive a barrage of e-mails from the networking intern — who now wants a job.

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