No matter how busy work gets, no matter how tired everyone is from the weekend, no matter how much the intern coordinator threatens, the party intern is always up to go out.

Who's going to happy hour? The party intern! Who wants to go to Ocean City this weekend? The party intern! Who wants to do Jägerbombs at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday? The party intern!

Who wants to go to some random house party in College Park, then tag along with strangers to a party in Mount Pleasant, then go dancing at Love, then get Jumbo Slice, then go to another house party in Anacostia, then wake up on some stranger's couch in Arlington? The party intern!

About #THATintern: Every intern class has “that intern” — as in,“Don’t be that intern.” Each day I introduce you to one of them. Share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #THATintern. And check out our Intern City page, too.