As hundreds of people roll their eyes (and forward the e-mail to a snarky blog), the reply-all intern crawls under the nearest desk and debates transferring to a college in a country where English is not the primary language and Internet access is limited.

However, a true “that intern” has the confidence to send another e-mail, alerting everyone that the first e-mail was unintended. Or clarifying that underaged drinking really will not occur at that night’s gathering. But everyone is still invited! It’s going to be awesome!

(Today’s intern was inspired by a Dealbreaker posting about an intern in New York City who reportedly blasted colleagues with information about a party that’s “going to get wild.” In the first e-mail, the unnamed intern allegedly says the bar is lax on carding “so if you have a fake you will be fine.” In a second e-mail, the intern clarifies that “underage activity is illegal.” In a third e-mail — yes, third — the intern adds that the lounge is “not a pushover bar.”)

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