Most college students (and twenty-somethings in general) no longer plan their lives around the NBC Thursday night line-up. They might not even own a television.

But they are watching hours and hours of TV — often on their laptops — thanks to boxed sets, streaming Netflix, Hulu and a variety of other Web sites, according to an article in the weekend Post by Scott Eidler, a recent Cornell University grad.

It’s called “binge watching,” according pop culture guru Bob Thompson of Syracuse University.

As Thompson says in the article: “There is no experience quite comparable to getting a really good show and getting the box-set seasons lined up, locking your door, filling your freezer full of microwaveable food, turning off the telephone, turning out the lights and just going crazy.”

(A disclosure: I’m guilty of being a binge watcher, especially when I am home for the holidays. Two years ago, my siblings and I watched every season of “How I Met Your Mother.” In December, we plowed through “Modern Family.” I don’t regret a minute of it.)

You can read Scott’s full article, here.

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